Complete periodic synchronization of delayed neural networks with discontinuous activations


Recently, the synchronization issue in chaotic systems has become a hot topic in nonlinear dynamics and has aroused great interest among researchers due to the theoretical significance and potential applications. In this paper, complete periodic synchronization is considered for the delayed neural networks with discontinuous activation functions. Under the framework of Filippov solution, a novel control method is presented by using differential inclusions theory, nonsmooth Lyapunov method and linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach. Based on a newly obtained necessary and sufficient condition, several criteria are derived to ensure the global asymptotical stability of the error system, and thus the response system synchronizes with the drive system. Moreover, the estimation gains are obtained. With these new and effective methods, complete synchronization is achieved. Simulation results are given to illustrate the theoretical results.

International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos
Gan Huang
Gan Huang

My research interests include Neural Modulation, Brain Computer Interface and Neural Prosthetics.