Cognitive Response in Steady State Evoked Potential


Steady State Evoked Potential (SSEP) has been widely used in the clinical sensory diagnosis and brain computer interface. Through rapid repetitive stimulation, the response of SSEP mainly concentrated on primary sensory areas of the brain, and the response of cognitive component is attenuated greatly. The response frequency of SSEP varies with different sensory modality. At the rate of the 10Hz, the response of Steady State Visual Evoked Potential mainly concentrated on the occipital region. While the Steady State Auditory Evoked Potential has the main response around 40Hz. Hence, the cognitive response in SSEP has been investigated with visual and auditory stimuli in this study.

International Journal of Psychophysiology
Gan Huang
Gan Huang

My research interests include Neural Modulation, Brain Computer Interface and Neural Prosthetics.